Why Should I Go with Roy Galloway?

There is certainly no lack of attorneys in the United States of America. We hear about new court cases every day in the media and in our personal lives. Attorneys are on television, both in fiction and nonfiction. So why in the vastness of all these choices should you go with the Law Offices of Roy Galloway? That’s a good question, and we want to be as real as possible in our answer.

Legal Experience Matters

Roy Galloway has been practicing in family law and criminal defense for the past 7 years, and it’s as much a passion as it is a job. While this may not stack up to the time some other attorneys in the area have accumulated, Roy certainly makes up for it with a youthful energy. Aggressiveness and knowledge go hand in hand with that energy, and it shows. We understand people live busy lives. There are always instances where child care issues arise, or perhaps people cannot get a day off of work. That’s why we take the time to work around our client’s schedules and make ourselves available when they are. We want to make the process as convenient for them as possible. Proper management of case load is one of the most important tasks for any successful attorney, and that’s precisely why we give every case the proper time of day it deserves. This is a pivotal philosophy at the Law Office of Roy Galloway. Your file is not another number in our stack. You are an individual. We take the time to get to know each individual and their situation. We listen, and we work with them to develop a strategy that works specifically for their situation. No two cases are the same, thus no two cases should be handled the same way. Putting in the proper time for each case goes beyond what’s sitting on your desk. We aim to respond to your calls and questions promptly, at least within a business day. You’re also going to receive a call as soon as we find any new developments in your case. We’re very proactive in our approach, so your case won’t just be idling so long as we have a say in it. We also tend to file any complaints within the same business day to get your case moving as soon as we can.

We understand what you are going thru

So why should you go with the Law Office of Roy Galloway? Because we understand what you’re going through and we’ll make it our personal mission to help you through it. If you feel that we can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate tocontact us.