PA Child Support

The PA Child Support laws protect your right to receive child support.  Pennsylvania Child Support payment amounts are determined by taking into consideration several factors. 

Some of the areas that will impact the amount of Child Support you could receive are:

  • Cost of Daycare that the Custodial Parent pays
  • Net Monthly income
  • Monthly insurance paid from a custodial parent
  • Number of children who are eligible for child support

Custody of your children can play into the amount of child support you could be granted by the court.

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Failure to know your child support rights can mean a loss or delay in getting the support you need and deserve. 

We all want to think that our children’s well being will continue to be the top concern of any parent however obtaining child support becomes a leading issue for a parent in the state of Pennsylvania when you, as a parent, do not understand the PA Child Support laws.

Our law firm understands that the child support you receive helps you to clothe, feed and keep a safe roof over the heads of your children.  We understand that a child should never lack in the basic comfort and security they deserve.

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