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Crucial facts about Divorce and Divorce Laws in PA.  Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step.  Getting the legal help you need is step two.  Roy Galloway Law can help you with all the steps that you will go through during and after your Divorce in PA.

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Our attorneys have been helping Pennsylvania residents, just like you, through the legal, emotional and financial concerns that typically go hand in hand during a divorce.  We will sit down and go over your options, help create the necessary documents and represent you during this major life change.

During a Divorce in PA, you will need to prepare yourself for the event.  Our attorneys not only excel in what the divorce law will and will not allow, but we can help you to understand the natural by products of your divorce and be better prepared to move through this time in your life.

Getting a Divorce is PA means you will be asked to:

Present documentation – This type of documentation for example, includes statements of your liabilities, assets, marriage documents, pre nuptials, tax returns, income statements etc.  We work together with you to gather and organize the documentation that you will need during your divorce.

Options and questions that arise during most Divorce cases in PA:

  • Understanding legal separation
  • Questions regarding Alimony
  • Protecting your legal rights as well as children that are involved
  • What the difference is between a collaborative divorce and divorce mediation
  • Child custody laws
  • Child support
  • Asset division in PA

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Our Divorce attorneys will assure that you know your rights and help you get the fair treatment you deserve during your Divorce in the state of Pennsylvania.

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