Third-Offense DUI in Pennsylvania

You have just been charged with a third DUI and you are wondering what you can do to retain your driving privileges, reduce your fees, and prepare a solid defense for yourself. Building a good defense requires an understanding of the charges against you, a knowledge of the law and most importantly, a good Harrisburg DUI attorney.

Pennsylvania doles out DUI penalties based on your level of impairment and your number of offenses. If you have a blood alcohol level of .08% or over, you are considered, “generally impaired.” When you are generally impaired and you have more than two prior DUI offenses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you face a second-degree misdemeanor which comes with 12 months of license suspension, up to two years in prison, up to $5000 in fines, and a mandatory ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. You may also be ordered to go to a treatment facility.

You are considered to have a high BAC when your alcohol level is .10 or over, and you are considered to have the highest level when you have a BAC of over .16. A third offense with either of these two BACs may be considered a felony, and they come with up to five years in prison, fees of up to $ 10,000, and a license suspension of a year and a half.

What to do When you are Arrested

When you are pulled over The officer will ask for your license, registration, and proof of insurance. They may ask you to take a field sobriety test and they are likely to take you in for a blood test.

Due to court rulings concerning the accuracy of certain breath test apparatuses, state police in the Keystone State have temporarily stopped using breathalyzer test. You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test, but you may have your license suspended if you do so.

What Your Attorney Needs to Know

A York DUI attorney will need to know all the details of your arrest. A good lawyer will ask a lot of questions to determine if the arresting officer followed the appropriate procedures and made sure your rights weren’t violated. Be sure to tell your counselor everything you remember about your arrest and the events leading up to it.

Driving drunk is never a good idea, but when it happens a qualified attorney can make all the difference. Contact the Law Office of Roy Galloway immediately.

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