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As a Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer, I know that sex crimes are taken seriously by prosecutors, and have some of the toughest penalties. If you or a love one has been charged with a sex crime such as rape, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault or involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, you need to act quickly and retain an experienced attorney who is and aggressively defends people accused of a crime.

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In Pennsylvania, sex crimes not only carry tough prison sentences with the harshest sentence being life imprisonment, but individuals who are convicted of sex crimes are subject to embarrassment and stigma because their names become part of a sex offender registry that is online and available for the public to view.

The sex offender registry is an online database that maintains personal information about offenders like their names, age, a color photograph of the offender, address, and the type of crime committed by the offender.

In addition, Pennsylvania law requires sex offenders to notify the state police of any change of address, and the failure to report a change of address is a felony offense, which is punishable by up to 7 years in prison. 

If you are charged with a sex crime, you need to hire a zealous advocate who will fight to protect your rights. The Law Office of Roy Galloway, LLC can help you.

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