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In Pennsylvania, any child over the age of 10 who commits a crime can be charged in juvenile court. If your child is charged with committing a crime, there can be negative consequences that can affect his or her future.

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For example, a juvenile record can lead to confinement outside of the home for up to 4 years and up until the child turns 21, having a juvenile record may lead to a child facing greater jail time as an adult, the child may be disqualified from receiving federal student loans, the child may be denied entry into the military, and it may be difficult for the child to find employment.

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In Pennsylvania, a child who is found to have committed an act designated as a crime is considered to have committed a “delinquent act”, and not a crime.

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Any child found to have committed a delinquent act by a judge is considered a delinquent child. It is important to note that a child who is found to be delinquent does not have a criminal record and, under Pennsylvania law is not regarded as a criminal. Rather, the child is regarded as having an adjudication of delinquency. Moreover, children who are charged with committing a crime (“delinquent act”) are not entitled to a jury trial and, instead, will have their fate decided by a judge.

Children being charged as an adult

While it is generally true that a child who commits an act considered to be a crime is deemed to have committed a delinquent act and not a crime, children who are over 15 years of age when they commit certain crimes like murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping and manslaughter by law must be charged as an adult because these crimes are excluded from the definition of delinquent act.

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If your child is over the age of 15 and is facing criminal charges in the adult system, an experienced and aggressive juvenile defense attorney may be able persuade a court to decertify you child’s case so that he or she can receive treatment and rehabilitation in the juvenile system. Our firm has had success in keeping children out of adult prisons and getting them the help and treatment they deserve. Don’t trust your child’s future to anyone. Contact the professional at the Law Office of Roy Galloway, LLC because your child deserves the best.  

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