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Criminal Defense Attorney York PA – The Law Offices of Roy Galloway is your best choice in criminal defense cases in the York PA area. 


At the Law Offices of Roy Galloway, we are driven by achieving results for our clients. Attorney Galloway ranks in the upper echelon of criminal defense attorneys in York County with a 90% success rate in jury trials.  We have achieved successful results in a wide range of criminal cases ranging from homicide, gun, drug, theft, and property crimes.

Not Your Average Law Firm

Unlike many defense attorneys, we are not plea first attorneys.  Rather, we are aggressive litigators who before considering the possibility of a plea, first undertake a thorough evaluation of the facts, circumstances, and law as it relates to our clients’ cases and begin developing a winning trial strategy.

Additionally, we have been successful on myriad occasions by winning on pretrial motions such as suppression motions.  We follow all of the best practices for handling criminal cases and leave no stone unturned.

Part of our extraordinary trial record can be attributed to our philosphy of empowering our clients by educating them on the law as it relates to their case so that they can be a part of their defense team and assist us with developing a winning strategy to obtain a favorable outcome.  We accomplish this goal by providing our clients with knowledge of what the prosecutors need to prove in order to get a conviction and the possible defenses to their charges.  We believe that by ensuring our clients are well educated and informed, greatly improves our chances of achieving WINS.  This process involves gathering evidence and utilizing resources to heighten our chance even more.  While we recognize that we are the legal professionals, we understand that our clients add value to their defense because they are experts of the facts of their case.  By combining our legal knowledge and experience with our clients’ knowledge of the facts, we are able to create a perfect team.

Satisfied Clients

Over the years, we have garnered many satisfied clients.  Our clients frequently provide us with positive feedback about their experience and refer our office to their family, friends, and associates.

We believe in maintaining good communication with our clients, keeping them informed of new developments in their cases, and filing all motions in a timely manner.

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