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 Your Aggressive Central Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer

When your freedom and reputation are on the line, you need an attorney who will fight relentlessly on your behalf. In Central Pennsylvania, that advocate is Attorney Roy Galloway, an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. With a remarkable track record in handling a wide range of criminal cases, from homicide to white-collar crimes, Attorney Galloway has earned a reputation for excellence and tenacity. He’s been recognized by prestigious organizations, including Super Lawyers, Lead Counsel, the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, and the National Trial Lawyers Association. If you’re facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer who will stand by your side and defend your rights with unwavering determination. Attorney Roy Galloway is that lawyer.

The Aggressive Defender You Need

Attorney Roy Galloway is not your average criminal defense attorney. He’s known for his aggressive and unyielding approach when defending his clients. With a focus on Central Pennsylvania, he has successfully represented individuals facing some of the most serious criminal charges, ensuring that justice prevails in each case.

Experience That Matters

With years of experience in criminal defense, Attorney Roy Galloway has a deep understanding of the complexities of the legal system. His expertise extends to a wide spectrum of criminal cases, including:

  1. Homicide: When facing homicide charges, you need a lawyer who can handle the immense pressure and complexities of such cases. Attorney Galloway’s experience and determination have resulted in favorable outcomes for many clients.
  2. Drug Trafficking: Drug-related charges can lead to severe consequences. Attorney Galloway knows the ins and outs of drug trafficking cases, helping clients navigate the legal process and secure the best possible results.
  3. Robbery and Theft: Charges related to robbery and theft require a defense attorney who can challenge the evidence against you and protect your rights. Attorney Galloway is skilled at creating strong defenses in these cases.
  4. White Collar Crimes: White-collar crimes demand a different approach, often involving complex financial and legal matters. Attorney Galloway’s extensive experience in this area ensures that you have a strong advocate in your corner.

Recognitions and Accolades

Attorney Roy Galloway’s dedication to his clients and his exceptional legal skills have earned him recognition from some of the most respected organizations in the legal field:

  • Super Lawyers: Attorney Galloway has been acknowledged as a Super Lawyer, a distinction reserved for the top lawyers in their respective fields.
  • Lead Counsel: As a Lead Counsel-rated attorney, Attorney Galloway has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality legal representation to his clients.
  • 10 Best: His inclusion in the “10 Best” list is a testament to his dedication to his clients and his unwavering pursuit of justice.
  • National Association of Distinguished Counsel: This prestigious recognition is a reflection of Attorney Galloway’s exemplary legal work and dedication to upholding the rights of those accused of crimes.
  • National Trial Lawyers Association: Membership in the National Trial Lawyers Association signifies Attorney Galloway’s status as a trusted advocate in the courtroom.

When your future is at stake due to criminal charges, you need a relentless and skilled defender. Attorney Roy Galloway is the embodiment of aggressive criminal defense in Central Pennsylvania. With a proven track record in handling a wide range of criminal cases, coupled with recognition from esteemed legal organizations, Attorney Galloway is your best ally in the fight for justice. Contact him today to secure the strong and unwavering representation you need in your time of need. Your freedom and future are his top priorities. For a free no obligation consultation, contact our office at (717) 737-3300.