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Roy Galloway is your divorce attorney in the York PA area. Divorce is a difficult event in anyone’s life however once you have answers to your questions and understand what the law provides can assist with during and after your divorce, you can start to get back to your daily routine. Roy Galloway has helped hundreds of people just like you, to get the legal help you need and put this event behind you.

Divorce tends to be an emotional event and is, at times difficult to get the clear answers to the long list of questions and concerns you will have during this process.
Our office can assist with legal answers regarding your York PA Divorce.
Some of the common concerns our clients have are:

  • Will I be entitled to pension and/or 401k benefits?
  • Will I be responsible for debt that belongs to the spouse?
  • Who is responsible for the auto insurance during the divorce
  • How will the property ownership be determined?
  • What process will decide child support/custody?
  • How do I protect funds in checking and savings?
  • How do I file for a tax refund during the divorce?

These are just some of the questions that you need answered during your divorce. The offices of Roy Galloway will walk you through every question and explain exactly what the Law in York, PA states regarding these questions. Our staff will discuss your options and choices as well as
design the plan to get your divorce completed with as little emotional stress as possible.

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