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Get the facts and information you need regarding Child Support in Harrisburg PA. What you don’t know about your Child Support rights as well as PA Law regarding Child Support could create issues in the future.

Whether you are the parent seeking an order for child support or you are being asked to pay child support, an experienced and knowledgeable child support lawyer at the Law Office of Roy Galloway, LLC can assist you.

In Pennsylvania, the amount of child support a non-custodial parent pays to a custodial parent is determined by child support guidelines that takes into consideration the combined net monthly income of both parents and the number of children the parents have. Contact our office for a Free consultation today. Call 717-737-3300 today and sleep better tonight with the information you need regarding your rights regarding Child Support in the Harrisburg PA area.

Pennsylvania utilizes child support guidelines in calculating child support because this method ensures that child support is being awarded uniformly across the state, and parents in the same situation are treated equally.

Our approach to child support cases in the Harrisburg PA area

At our firm, we not only perform the calculations for our clients to determine the correct amount of child support they will receive or be ordered to pay, we take it a step further and look at our clients’ unique circumstances to determine if we have grounds to argue that a court should deviate upward or downward from the standard child support calculation.

We have been successful in winning more child support for clients seeking child support and have convinced courts to order our clients to pay less child support than the guidelines recommend by looking at extraordinary expenses our clients have, other child support obligations, child care expenses, any special needs of a child, the assets of the parties and the earning capacities of the parties, amongst other factors. Going into a child support conference alone can have tragic outcomes.

Before you walk into a child support conference alone, contact an experienced Harrisburg child support attorney at the Law Office of Roy Galloway to make sure you are treated fairly in the process.

Effect Child Custody Arrangement Has on Child Support Obligation

In Pennsylvania, a parent who has primary physical custody of a child is entitled to receive child support from the non-custodial parent even if they earn more than the other parent. Under Pennsylvania law, it is presumed that a parent who is a child’s primary caretaker is incurring expenses such as buying food and clothes; therefore, a parent who is the primary custodian will never be ordered to pay child support to the other parent. Additionally, a non-custodial parent who spends 40% parenting time with a child is entitled to a 10% reduction in his or her child support obligation. A parent who spends 50% of parenting time with a child may be entitled to a 20% reduction in his or her child support obligation.

Modification of Child Support Order

A child support order may be modified in the following situations:

  • Terminated/fired from a job
  • Increase in earnings
  • Sickness
  • Person becomes incapacitated
  • Increase/decrease of child care expenses
  • Change in custody
  • A child turns 18 years old

Hire a Professional Child Support Attorney

If you are seeking child support or being asked to pay child support, you need an experienced and proven Harrisburg PA child support lawyer by your side. Contact our firm by filling out the contact form on the left or by calling (717) 737-3300 for a no fee consultation.  

“I like that Attorney Galloway did what 2 other attorneys wouldn’t do. He was persistent. He made himself available to answer any and all questions and his fees were reasonable. Mr. Galloway was upfront and honest whether I like or agree with his answer. Thanks Attorney Galloway for seeing me through and completing a process that others could not. Thank you!”

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