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Domestic and international adoptions are an exciting way to bring a child in need into your family. As an attorney who specializes in family law I know sometimes, adoption proceedings can get complicated.

For example, a birth parent may decide that she wants her child back at the last minute in a domestic adoption.

In an international adoption, visas and immigration proceedings may be problematic, making it difficult for you to bring your child home. Whether you are filling out basic paperwork for an adoption and need a guiding hand or are involved in an intense legal battle, an experienced adoption lawyer can help you get through this complicated process.

Adoption Complications: When to Hire a Adoption Lawyer

You may need to hire a skilled Harrisburg adoption lawyer to navigate you through you case if you encounter one of the following issues:

  • You are confused about the paperwork that needs to filled out
  • The birth mother of your child is considering petitioning for custody
  • You are entering an open adoption and foresee complications
  • You are completing an adoption out of the court
  • You have run into legal complications and want to learn how to best overcome these obstacles
  • Helping families bring their children home!

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Whether you are entering an independent adoption or are going through an adoption agency, our firm can help you with the process. All adoptions are different. You may need legal assistance to prove that you are eligible to adopt or you may need to complete a home study.

Also, you may want an attorney to assist you as you prepare for an interview with a social worker or to help you prove that you have the ability to financially support a child.

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