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Being investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and perhaps jailed for a criminal offense can be a traumatic event for both the alleged offender and everyone they know, even if proven innocent. You need the knowledge of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Harrisburg PA to fight for your rights and freedom. My job is to advise you how to protect your own interests, and represent you and your case in the most determined legal manner against prosecution and to tirelessly defend you in court. The Law Office of Roy Galloway has set the highest standard for criminal defense in Central Pennsylvania. If you, or a loved one is facing criminal charges, contact us immediately for a free initial consultation with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer at 717-737-3300. Arrange for a Free Consultation today.

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Driving Under the Influence

A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or dui charge in Pennsylvania is a serious offense that can lead to a suspended license, jail time, fines, community service, and court ordered rehabilitation, etc. The strain of these events can also potentially present job loss and many stresses upon you and your family’s way of life. If you are charged with DUI, our criminal defense lawyers can vigorously defend you by first separating the facts and fictions of the case. Too frequently, arresting officers have a perspective that may be more than the exact details of the alleged incident. I will earnestly look at the details and begin an aggressive defense of you. I have a DUI defense record that includes a 3rd time DUI dismissal. If you face DUI charges, I will defend your rights and future with the same approach.

Drug Charges

In Pennsylvania many people commonly use recreational drugs, but it is against the law. Even the use or possession of marijuana,criminal defense attorney harrisburg pa which has become legal in several States, still carries harsh penalties here. If you are charged with a drug crime such as using, possession, distribution, cultivation, manufacturing, intent to distribute, or even the possession of paraphernalia you could face stiff fines, and a court ordered rehabilitation at a minimum or possibly face years of incarceration without the proper defense. I can assess your case and fight for your rights. If the evidence and circumstances have elements of doubt I will immediately move for dismissal. Your life and future are at stake, and you deserve an aggressive criminal defense attorney to FIGHT for you.

Violent Crimes

Homicide, manslaughter, rape, robbery, sexual assault, and assault are considered violent crimes. If your actions or neglect cause the death or injury to someone my firm can aggressively look at all the elements of the case. No matter the charges, I believe everyone deserves an energetic and capable legal representation. Every case is unique in circumstances and the potential resulting consequences of years in prison or even a death penalty compels me to offensively attack the prosecution’s case wherever possible and create a strong and compelling defense before a jury.

Theft Crimes

Stealing, shoplifting, grand theft, computer crimes, extortion, carjacking, and embezzlement, are theft crimes. In Pennsylvania two types of theft exist, movable and immovable property and generally theft below a value of $2000 is a misdemeanor and above becomes a felony. If you intentionally or mistakenly took or are accused of taking what does not belong to you, a ‘theft crime’ charge can be the result. I will take your side and move for a dismissal if possible or seek a reduction in charges to avoid heavy fines and possible jail time.

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I always assume my clients’ innocence in every case. The odds are, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and you perhaps made choices in a heated moment that do not reflect the entirety of who you are and who you will become. I will make the court see and understand a defense for your actions, strongly fight against any wrongful charges, and be sure you are not made into a criminal. I look at all relevant information to your case, starting with your interview, a review of police reports, and the prosecutor and witness information with an aim at discovering any violation of your rights during a police investigation, an arrest, or an incarceration. From there on, I will put together a formidable defense on your behalf and clearly represent your side of the story to a judge and jury.

Not all criminal defense attorneys are equal; in fact, far too many criminal defense attorneys pressure clients to take pleas. Attorney Galloway is not afraid to FIGHT for you at trial, and have won not-guilty verdicts for clients facing charges from murder, aggravated assault to drug trafficking. No matter the criminal charges you now face, Roy Galloway law can defend you. 

Our experience with Criminal Defense cases speaks for itself.  The steps you take now will set the stage for the next years of your life.  You need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney to take a look at your charges now.

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